For the Horde update

I thought I would check in with my Horde tabard that I am making for my Nerd Wars dissertation. It’s not coming along as quickly as I would like since my little boy does his best to get at my yarn (and frequently succeeds). But it is progressing.

I have made some errors in the cabling, some cables are closer than others since I have an issue with counting. I’m going to leave it in, as it’s not super obvious (except to me).

Now that I’m working the the motif off the chart my cables are the right size and far more consistent – I may have to chart the rest of my project just to have it right.

I’m not sure if I’m doing the colour work correctly, but it seems right. It looks good from the front and it’s *mostly* neat on the back.

The 30th of this month is check in day for this project, and I’m to get to at least 1/2 done before checking in. With it being a long weekend for the girls here, I’m hoping they can distract Sean long enough for me to get some good knitting time in to get me at least to the neckline.


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