Pre-resolution season goal

So I’m working on a new project dutifully following the pattern as I do. And as I go I see ways the pattern could have been changed/improved/etc. It’s a stupid simple pattern written out for I suppose a person who is absolutely brand new to crochet and doesn’t know what a hook is, but like others I’ve seen makes silly comments.

I’m making a hat, in the round. This particular pattern recommends crocheting in a spiral so as to avoid making seams, which makes perfect sense. The problem is I’m using a super bulky yarn with hdc’s which with the recommended hook and yarn is not small. Working the pattern in a spiral just looks… silly.

Anyway. Not to go on about the pattern, I made it my way and that’s that. I really only needed the final measurements and special construction techniques anyway. It got me thinking – there is absolutely no reason why I can’t step out and do this myself from scratch.

Yes, I’ve done a few simple projects here and there that aren’t really stretching things in my tiny brain. My sock monkey hat pattern isn’t exactly rocket science. But then as I work up new things, I’m realizing (in a huge DERP moment) none of these patterns are.

Which brings me to my goal for next year starting right now. Step outside my box and work up my own patterns. Wish me luck!


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