It’s the WIPocalypse!

I’m finally getting off my hiney and figuring out my project list for the WIPocalypse challenge. If you pay attention to my side bar (and I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t – I certainly forget about it all the time!), you’ll see only three works in progress. Yep, that’s all I have.

A warning – there’s a lot of Teresa Wentzler in here. What can I say? She suits my style!

Let me show you! (Click on the thumbnails for full size images)

Woodland Faerie, by Teresa Wentzler. Just taking her out of storage got my fingers itching. I honestly don’t think it will be a problem to finish this one up in 2012. Expect it to be one of my first finishes.






Always, by Enchanting Lair – This one is going to be my arm twisting project. I don’t something about this project and can’t really pinpoint it. I think it may have something to do with the confetti stitching but honestly it isn’t that horrible. I do know the fabric isn’t my favourite, but beyond that, it’s just … something.





The Guardian, by Teresa Wentzler – Another one I’m enjoying, though I’ve reached a bit of the boring parts so hopefully this challenge gives me the oomph I need to get going.





I’m also encouraging my daughter to finish up a WIP she started a few years ago:

I just realized I shot that with the project sideways. Sorry bout that!



So I have gone through all my stitching and here’s what I’ve decided. I will be adding projects not yet started to my list, jumping in on the guilt-free January thing and start a bunch. I have two definite starts and a list of maybes:

Emerald Mermaid, by Mirabilia – this is a definite start for me. I even have two fabric choices to decide on (shown below). I’m going to hold off choosing until I actually do a floss toss but I’m leaning towards the blue since I don’t want these beautiful greens to fade out.





My other definite is Celestial Dragon by Teresa Wentzler. This design is charted in the fantastic blues and greens Teresa favours, but I would love to do this design in reds. So I’ll have to find someone who has done it or work it out myself (I prefer the former).

Runners up (and I would love input from you guys on this – tell me your favourites!):

Fantasy Sampler, by Teresa Wentzler
Millennium, by Teresa Wentzler (I’m looking for a different saying to chart in there, we’ll see)
Rapunzel, by Teresa Wentzler
The Castle Sampler, by Teresa Wentzler
Earthdancer, by Butternut Road
Firefly Fairies, by Lavender & Lace
Spring Fairy Spirit, by Passione Ricamo
Celtic Banner, by Butternut Road

The final thing I will be working on as part of the WIPocalypse is my finishing. As I was going through my stash, I was amazed at how many projects are finished the stitching but aren’t turned into ornaments/framed/etc. I’ll add those to my list as I go.

All of this will be posted to it’s own WIPocalypse page on my blog here, so we can all refer to it as I go. I’ll also be linking to a blog roll of other stitchers participating so we can all cheer each other on.


One thought on “It’s the WIPocalypse!

  1. Atlantisetta

    My favourite is the Fantasy Sampler.
    I´ve done the Woodland Fairy and the Emerald Mermaid too and the Guardian is one of my started ones.
    Happy stitching!


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