December Recipe – Lukken

My family is Flemish, and we have a few cultural recipes that are made up at this time of year. One is a cookie called lukken, a hard sweet cookie that is lovely with a nice cup of tea or strong coffee. In order to make this cookie you need a pizzelle press or if you are lucky and are able to get one, a lukken iron (lukijzer).

I would also like to thank my sister Angela for this recipe as she’s the one who makes it.



1lb unsalted butter
Melt butter and mix in 5 cups white sugar.
Beat 8 eggs and mix together with 9 cups flour.
Hand mix all together and leave overnight.
Roll into balls (approximately 1 inch/2.5cm in diameter or less) and place in pizzel press, bake until golden.

3 thoughts on “December Recipe – Lukken

  1. jackie

    Do you ever have trouble with the lukken sticking to the pizzel iron? We recently made three patches(one pizzel iron was stainless steel and the other was teflon coated) Not till the third patch which was the only one made with unsalted butter did we run into this problem.Some people think that unsalted butter causes this,what do you think?

    1. Christine Post author

      Hi Jackie;

      Sorry for the delay in the response. I don’t actually make this myself, my sister does, so I forwarded your questions to her.

      She has never had an issue with the butter in her cookies, however she mentioned that if you are using a new iron, it must be very well greased as it does have a tendency to stick. Once your iron has been “seasoned” a bit with use, it will no longer stick.


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