Completed Holiday projects – Bearded toque and oreo scarf

Now that gifts are received, I can go ahead and show you my finished holiday projects. I’ll be doing one a day so you don’t get overloaded.



My brother has quite a sense of humour so I wanted to give him something a bit whimsical. The bearded toque was my obvious choice.

This one was a pretty fun knit, and the very first knit I’ve done with any type of colour work. If I were to knit it again, I would have knit the join around instead of maintaining the ribbing pattern.


The best part of this piece is the mustaches. There are a few to choose from, and I made them all. Unfortunately I neglected to take photos of them before the hat was sent off. If you decide to make it, I highly recommend making all the mustaches.

I realize my brother would not be able to wear this toque all the time – some occasions just will not be appropriate. So I made a scarf as well so he can have something for other occasions.



Enter the Oreo Scarf – so named because it looks to me like a stack of oreos.

I had wanted to make something with large cables and wasn’t having any luck finding something I liked on Ravelry. So I made up the pattern myself.

I’ve included the link to the pdf on the side bar, if you wish to make it yourself.

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