Completed Holiday Projects – Twisted Wristers

This is yet another project where I bang my head against the wall when dealing with gauge.

I think it’s pretty much been decided that I have no idea how to measure gauge. You see, this pattern calls for 4mm needles. I worked up a gauge swatch and couldn’t match it, in fact my swatch was too small. I did work out that I needed 5mm to match the gauge.

Not only did the wristers work out to be larger than I wanted, but the cabling repeats had to be halved – the pattern calls for twice as many repeats as I ended up doing, and it’s called for from the thumb gusset. Not many people I know have 10 inch palms.

That being said, I love this pattern. It’s a different twist on cables, and it is lovely. I will be trying the pattern out again with smaller needles and see what comes of it.

To make these yourself, you can find the pattern on Ravelry here.


2 thoughts on “Completed Holiday Projects – Twisted Wristers

  1. Melanie Boxall

    Cable is such fun.

    Gauge is definitely an issue. The idea used to be that you taught yourself to knit to a gauge standard, which made sense when the designers did. But now patterns are made according to the gauge of the designer which may not be standard. So there’s no standard to learn. If you see what I mean. I find that as the years go by I have to make more and more adjustments. Which is all very well but this is what is putting off young people learning the craft. I don’t know what the answer is, but as I knit much looser than the (old) standard, I’m not really in a position to complain.


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