2012 WIPocalypse

Helpful links and information:

Original WIPocalypse posting and information by Measi can be found here.

WIPocalypse forum on Yuku.


Full moon/Posting dates:

January 9 – Find the post here!
February 7
March 8
April 6
May 5
June 4
July 3
August 1
August 31
September 29
October 29
November 28
December 28

Link to WIPocalypse blog roll: Can now be found on my sidebar!

Personal project listing:  Detailed in this blog

Woodland Faerie, TW
Always, Enchanting Lair
The Guardian, TW 
Emerald Mermaid, Mirabilia
Celestial Dragon, TW

Runners up (possible and very likely starts):

Fantasy Sampler, by Teresa Wentzler
Millennium, by Teresa Wentzler
Rapunzel, by Teresa Wentzler
The Castle Sampler, by Teresa Wentzler
Earthdancer, by Butternut Road
Firefly Fairies, by Lavender & Lace
Spring Fairy Spirit, by Passione Ricamo
Celtic Banner, by Butternut Road


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