The obligatory New Year Post

I’m only five days late, so that’s better than I’ve done in past years, at least. I’ve been going over my goals for the year throughout other posts anyway, so you guys mostly know where I’m going with this.

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I’m horrible at resolutions. So instead this year I’m stealing inspiration from the Knitmore Girls and working with a theme. In honor of the world ending this year, my theme is “completion”. I’m working on finishing things this year, be it in stitching/yarn crafting, organizing my home, etc. We have all manner of boxes that we haven’t unpacked or sorted through in our basement and garage; considering we’ve been living in at our current address for nearly two years (and some of those boxes are still packed from previous moves) it’s time to get rid of stuff and create space. We hope to have a crafting area in our basement (and space for my sewing machine! More on that in a minute), and I want a gardening/planting table in the garage. So we need to start organizing. An impromptu sock hunt yesterday lead to not only my girls cleaning out their bedrooms and getting rid of two giant bags of clothes that no longer fit, but my husband started on the basement and found several empty boxes we’ve been carting around and some plastic tubs that were easily condensed for space. So we are off to a great start.

Secondly I’m adding a crafting theme. This year, since I’m participating in the WIPocalypse, I’ll be focusing on cross stitching and hopefully knocking some big finishes out. (I plan on making 2013 my quilting year – hence a permanent place for my sewing machine!) I’ll still be knitting and crocheting, in fact I’m already making plans for the next installment of Nerd Wars (sign ups start January 15 if you are interested!). I will not be making holiday gifts this year (at least, I don’t plan on it) so my knitting will be just for me. I don’t want to commit to anything, but it would be cool to knit at least one pair of socks for myself each month. Just putting that out there.

Image courtesy of Clicking on the image will bring you to this companies website.

Just as a quick knitting aside, my participation in Nerd Wars has paid off! I’ve one a skein of the yarn shown here. It’s a sock weight yarn called Luau from Easy Knits in the UK. Hopefully I can squeeze a pair of socks out of that lovely skein!

The before shot

But on to stitching. I have jumped in with both feet and started off with Guardian. This is such a fun piece and I’m currently working on the castle portion (aka the boring brown stuff).

Fortunately it is stitching up quickly, despite the colour changes and confetti stitches Teresa Wentzler is famous for. I hope to make enough progress today to get the backstitching on the castle done and I can then move on to his tail.

The after shot, January 3rd 2012.

And guys? I have an ort jar for the first time in over a year.


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