A word

A word, about thousands.

I have added, as you may have noticed, the WIPocalypse blogroll to my sidebar. This is a listing of all the blogs participating in the WIPocalypse. I’ve further added them to my feed reader with the well-intentioned goal of reading them all. Unfortunately, after digging through them all for about a week now, I still have over 1000 unread posts in my reader.

That’s a lot of reading, and I likely won’t get through it any time soon. I admit, those that just come up with a title in the reader without the actual post allowed I don’t click through to read. I’m sorry, that’s just too many for me to follow.

I’ve included the listing for any of my readers who are interested in checking out what my companions in this project are doing. Perhaps you’ll find one or two (or hey, all 350+) that you may enjoy and wish to follow further. I know I’ve found several already.



One thought on “A word

  1. Shelleen

    I also can not read everyones. I don’t have the time as I already have a couple hundred on my Google Reader. I will continue reading the ones that I do.


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