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Plugging away at the WIPocalypse blogroll I’ve made it through the K’s. And still over 1000 posts to read. Sigh. But there are some wonderful blogs out there!

Anyway. I was inspired by a friend who is learning to do some new crochet stitches to check out a few “how to” books from the library. She was wanting to learn something different than washcloths and I recommended finding a stitch dictionary to help her along. But then I realized that I really didn’t have a good one to recommend, and so my search.

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The first is Crocheting for Dummies. Like all “for dummies” books this one covers everything in neat little categories. If you know nothing or very little about crochet this one is nice to get you started. The one thing that really impressed me about this book (and you would be surprised how often this is missed) is the images showing techniques show both right- and left-handed images.

If you are looking for something beyond the basics, though, this may not be the book for you. It has a few how to’s on some more advanced techniques such as Tunisian crochet as well as some simple patterns, but I don’t recommend it if you are already past the beginner level. It didn’t fit the category of a stitch dictionary, either.

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The second book I looked at was The Knitting & Crochet Bible. While this book is pretty and there is some lovely photography, I was less impressed by this book. I didn’t find the instructions as clear as they could be, and it seems to expect the reader to have some sort of knitting or crochet background already. It has several patterns which are fairly simple if you have the background as well as a nice stitch dictionary section (there are some fantastic knit cables I’ll be trying).

That being said, I was very much disappointed with the crochet section. First it must be stated that this is written in the UK style of crochet, so the terms are different than American terminology (so dc is sc, etc). But that certainly is not a problem, provided the reader knows this (and there is no mention of the different terminology at all in this book so a brand new crocheter would have no idea). Again there is a nice stitch dictionary section. My problem is that every single example and pattern shows some horribly ugly bulky yarn garment. This was written in 2008 and the garments were not even that popular in the 80s. While I’m sure they were trying to balance out the two crafts, I couldn’t help but think this was written by knitters first who believe crochet is just for afghans.

I have a few other books on hold that I will be checking out and further reviews are coming.


What am I working on?

Current knitting love: Socks!
Current crochet love: Granny Hexes
Current stitching love: The Guardian 

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