WIPocalypse Check In – January

Today is January 9, the date of the first full moon of the year. And so we check in with the WIPocalypse standings so far.

I’ve spent all my stitching time on The Guardian, as I knew I would. I am so loving this project.  Here’s my progress at the start of the year:




I had some of the castle done and decided it would be best to continue working on that then down that page so that I could get that section done and back on to the dragon.



I am now completed with the castle, and am working on the landscape on each side so that I can backstitch that part and move on to his tail.




I’m curious if, at my current stitching rate, I could look at a January finish? How cool would that be?






What am I working on?

Current knitting love: Socks!
Current crochet love: Granny Hexes
Current stitching love: The Guardian 

13 thoughts on “WIPocalypse Check In – January

  1. Cheryl

    I bought someone’s barely started WIP of Guardian years ago and have yet to put any stitches of my own in it. Such a fabulous design. Love seeing your progress. 😀

  2. Robin H

    I love all of Theresa’s patterns. You’re really making great progress on this one. Hope we get to see a finish in the next WIPocalypse update!

  3. Christine Darrah

    You do an amazing job on these. TW’s scare me, a lot. But I love watching your progress on yours. Makes me want to stitch again. and knowing that you’ll be posting the updates every month I decided to suck it up and join the Wipocalypse to see if that can spur me to stitch more this year. I really miss it. I don’t think I’ve done ANY stitching going on 3 years now!

  4. Katie

    Gorgeous! I love dragons and this one is simply beautiful. I’m another WIPocalypse blogger by the way. Just stopping by to see what you are working on. This will be finished soon. What an accomplishment!

  5. JoAnna

    The Guardian has been on my “someday” list for years. One day I will get around to it. In the mean time, I will live vicariously through your updates!


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