Book review, again

Keeping with the stitch library theme, I signed out another book and thought I would give you a review.


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The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Margaret Hubert is in my opinion, an excellent guide. It’s very pretty, goes beyond your standard stitches, and is easy to understand. There are several stitches in here I think I’m going to try.

There is mention of both US and UK term conversions, and metric measurements for hook sizes. You know how much I love that. The only real complaint I have about this book is there is very little discussion about yarn sizes. I know, this is a stitch dictionary and not a yarn book. But if one is going to discuss the tools required, a paragraph about yarn sizes (beyond the statement it’s overwhelming and choose what suits your guage) would be nice.

Both charts and diagrams are included with these stitches, which is nice when it comes time to figuring this stuff out.

There are patterns included, which aren’t fantastic but very suitable to the beginner crocheter, and some nice ideas if you are more advanced (including an entrelac looking blanket using Tunisian crochet which I’m going to have to try).

So far this is the best stitch dictionary for crochet that I have seen. If you are looking for one yourself, I highly recommend this one.


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