Socks and Under a Fey Moon

I must apologize, dear friends for not blogging. I have no excuse; I’ve been gaming. My new computer allows for some aspects of WoW I haven’t before able to do and I’ve been taking full advantage.

That is not to say I haven’t been crafting. I did have a finish last month I didn’t share with you, my second pair of socks!

They are the same pattern I used for  my first pair although I made a few adjustments to get the size more accurate. I shortened the foot length and dropped my needles one size. These fit much more nicely, and of course, they are bright red, which I think is just perfect. There is still some sizing issue on the heel – it is still quite large there. I don’t know what to do about this, honestly, if it’s an issue with the design of the sock or just the way it is. I have decided for my next pair to use more of a recipe approach rather than a fixed pattern, so we’ll see how that works out.

My next pair for February will of course be used for Nerd Wars! Yes, I’ve jumped in with both feet (see what I did there?) for this round as it did wonders for my mojo and skills last round. I anticipate a bit more crocheting for this tournament, especially since my dissertation piece this round will be a hex blanket (I’ll give you more information on that project after I submit my proposal).

In other news, I now have an Etsy shop! I’ve decided to start selling a few of the more quirky things I make and perhaps I can help fund this yarn addiction I’ve succumbed to. Please, go check out Under a Fey Moon (and share with your friends ;p ). There is also a Facebook page for my shop, which you can like for updates.


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