February WIPocalypse update

I know – I’m a terribad blogger so far this year. Sorry!

As I was catching up with my blog roll (and ultimately deleting a LOT of blogs from my reading list – no way I can keep up) I realized I missed the WIPocalypse date despite the reminder e-mail. Derp.

Needless to say I haven’t done much stitching. I’m finding my sons activities (ie climbing up onto tables, chairs, anything higher than he is, really) are really impeding my stitching abilities. I just can’t sit for a while and get a groove going. It’s not like yarn crafting where I can put something down and pick up to do a few stitches or even walk around with it while I’m working (which I totally do).

That being said, a bit of progress has been made this month. Here’s the Guardian now:


The date of this photo is January 18th, which means it has been nearly a month since I picked up a needle. Yikes!

I have been crocheting and knitting, however, so let me share a few finishes with you.



I’ve been stash busting a few baby hats… (pattern can be found here).




Doing a bit of amigurumi for Nerd Wars (sheep pattern can be found here).




Hot dog pattern can be found here.


And finally I’ve been knitting of socks. Yesterday while folding my hand knit socks I declared how happy it made me. And it really does make me happy to wear my own stuff.


Those are my finishes since my last post, and I think that’s enough. ;p

Until next time!

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