Peanut butter shortbread cookies

Yesterday I decided to try the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies featured on The view from Great Island blog. This was a pretty interesting experience.

I am not a beginner baker, but I still have an awful lot to learn in the kitchen. When I was taught baking, it was with recipes that said, mix dry, add wet, bake. There was very little difference in if we used margarine or butter, and ingredients were substituted where we needed to. I don’t fault that type of baking, after all, you do what you know. But, let me tell you, what a difference when you do things the way it is intended.

Yesterdays lesson was on mixing. I made the blunder of mixing the dough with a mixer, rather than stirring in the dry ingredients at the appropriate time. The result was a horribly crumbly dough, which did not form into a log as intended, but had to be formed into cookie shapes in order for me to bake them. They came out too large, and the consistency just wasn’t right.

The taste, however, is wonderful. My husband, the shortbread expert of the family, loved them. He insists that they aren’t shortbread cookies, just shortbread-like; they do have peanut butter, after all. But that didn’t stop him from scarfing a couple down.

Today I’m making the Double Dark Chocolate Shortbread cookies from the same blog, doing it right this time. Already, before even taking a bite, I can see a difference.

One thought on “Peanut butter shortbread cookies

  1. Kelly Black

    Yum yum yum! I love to bake but I haven’t mastered the art of making things look pretty yet. Most of my baked goods taste great but look awful. Oh well… maybe one of these days I’ll get it.


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