It’s good to have a plan

… and a blog, apparently. I sat here thinking the other day, I have April so well planned out as far as my projects go, I want to share it. What shall I do? Dur.

Anyway, I have so much to share with you. I did a lot of crafting in March, so I’ll bombard those photos, then I’ll share my plan for April.


Edit! I am having serious issues formatting this page with photos. So I’ve edited this post to include a gallery instead, and hopefully you can click on the individual photos for close ups.



Firstly, I did do some cross stitching. I’m finding I’m having issues with my eyes, and that coupled with my son getting into absolutely everything, stitching is still difficult to do. That being said, I did make a little bit of progress.


The castle is nearly complete, with most of the backstitching done. I am always amazed at what a difference one thread can make.

I also worked on a bunch of Nerd Wars projects, coupling them with a few PIF (pay it forward) pieces.


My finishes for March:

– Tunisian crochet bow. My first attempt at tunisian crochet, and certainly not my last. This came out beautifully and was a very simple technique.

– The pink and blue corset cozies. Made with twisted stitches ribbing so it’s super stretchy.

Sonja’s fingerless gloves were pretty, and easy to do, but I chose a yarn with a lot of halo so it’s difficult to see the lacework in it. Next time if I make these I’ll be sure to choose a smoother yarn.

These were definitely a learning curve for me. They were restarted a total of six times (5 because I had a hard time figuring out how to do a short row toe up, and once because my son deemed it so). Not only was there a short row toe, and worked from the toe up, there was also a short row heel. Not to mention cabling and twisted stitches, this certainly became quite the job. And finished just in time to count for March.

Moving on to April, every project I want to do fits in with Nerd Wars challenges. I am working on a couple more PIF pieces, which will fit in with the challenges.

The first on the list is a Work in Progress challenge. Pick a project and do some significant  work on it to finish. My eyelet scarf certainly fits the bill here, and even though something is wrong with my counting (seriously, every lace row is off no matter what I do to correct it), it is progressing.

I’m going to be working on socks for April, of course, and be making Fredrika in hot pink.

The Druidess Beret is going to be made in a lovely burgundy. Looking at the pattern this one will likely be the tricky project for me this round. Plenty of cables and bobbles, and so pretty!

By son will also get a Pembroke vest this month, before he starts complaining about how I dress him. I honestly can’t wait to start this one! I have a lovely brown set aside for this.

There are a couple of small projects to be thrown in as well, including a sack boy I have promised to send away and still haven’t done. Add in a few hats and such, it should be a busy crafting month.

Oh. One more thing. I haven’t told you all about my dissertation for this tournament! As you may (or not, it’s been a while) recall, Nerd Wars has a three month project challenge, called a dissertation. We are challenged to step outside our comfort zone and get something big done in three months time. Last time, I made myself the Horde tabard.

This time, I’ve decided to crochet a couch blanket, reminiscent of a Dungeons and Dragons hex map. I’m using the map shown in the gallery as a basis. I won’t be doing the whole map, just the bottom right 415 hexes.

Initially I wanted this to be a stash buster project, thinking I had enough yarn in each colour, but that did not turn out to be the case. The colour I had the most of, a green which I was going to use for the most hexes, only made 39; not the 169 I needed in that colour. No way was I going to get the blanket I needed with my stash. So shopping I did go.

I have made a bit of progress, but after two months I’m only at around the 20% mark, so April will have a lot of hex crocheting happening in between everything else. This is the big points getter for my team, so I really would like to complete this.

Next round I definitely need to make something less time consuming. I thought the tabard would be a challenge, but time wise, it’s nothing compared to this blanket.

Had enough photos now? I know I have! Wish me luck!


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