April finish showers

Hello, everyone! April is over (for a whole week now!) and it’s time I get off my duff and give you my update on what I’ve been doing.

If you recall my goals post for April, I had some very lovely things planned. Alas, I didn’t get most of them done, which is fine. In addition to the finishes listed on my mid-month check in, here is what I have done in April.



Petit Romper. This is something quite different than I would normally make and was interesting to work up.




Baby dinosaur hat. This was super fast and fun to crochet.





Sleepy Owl baby hat. Another fun crochet.

As a plug (hee hee!), these and others are available as a custom order through my Etsy shop, Under a Fey Moon.


My big finish for April, and the item that took up most of my time, was my dissertation piece for Nerd Wars. I managed to finish it only 2 hours before the deadline, sacrificing my other extra curricular activities to do it. While crocheting away, Lauryn asked who the blanket was for. When I declared, “our couch!” she got upset and said, “You mean we could have had cookies baked this whole time?” Sorry kid, Mama needs to meet the geek challenge.

This blanket was definitely a challenge, at that. It was also a lesson that I really need help with my math. I was WAYYYYYYY off in my calculations. As it is, my finished size is 107″ x 56″. It’s an odd size, because my calculations were so off. After submission, I did decide to add another column of hexes and make a double crochet edging.

Despite my math, it is the perfect size for the couch. It’s super warm, and all that remains is weaving in the bazillion ends (which I’m doing here and there when I have a minute). Now just to get some figures and dice and have a game!

As far as May goes, I’m planning on completing the unfinished goals for April. In addition, the next round of Nerd Wars starts in June so I’ll be swatching for my next dissertation piece – a crochet sweater from Patons. This should be a lot more achievable and relatively (especially relative to this blanket!) easy to complete. I’ll blog more on that another time.


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