Book Review: Knits For Nerds

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I have heard a lot about this book, most notably the buzz just as it came out. If you have read my blog at all, you know that this is something that definitely appeals to me since I have made many a nerdy project in the past. And plan to in the future. Therefore I definitely wanted to check this book out.

Since I’m a cheapskate, I borrow any books that I consider purchasing first from the library. That gives me a chance to browse through and see if it is worth spending my money on. If I like it, then I’ll order it.

I’m glad I did so with this book. This is obviously for a niche market – not only knitters, but nerdy knitters at that. And while Geek is the new sexy, I feel like this book is just trying to cash in on it. On to specifics.

There are a few patterns in here that I would classify as specifically nerdy patterns. The cover shows the cinnamon bun hat and Padme’s battle cape, for example. There are others though, that while they could be, I suppose, nerdy, they don’t really fit the bill. There are shawls, fingerless gloves, sweaters that are lovely designs, but just adding on the tag “fairy” or “dragon” doesn’t make it nerdy.

Those patterns that were aimed at a specific genre of geek I was less than impressed with. I am a bit of a Trekkie, and the one pattern I was most looking forward to was the Next Generation sweater. While the pattern does have the general look the uniform has, I was appalled at the lack of finishing on the pattern. The book only shows one image (more on that later), but the collar is just straight knit then cast off. No finishing, just a raw edge. Furthermore, on to the Trek Girl Dress, the edging is exactly the same. It just looks unfinished. I’m not asking for couture here. I am asking though, if I’m going through the process of making something, I’d like it done neatly and right. It recommends wearing the dress over a black t-shirt to finish the look – why not knit the black edging on and finish it completely?

On to the photography. It was nice to see these pieces in cosplay. But, let’s face it. This is a pattern book, so the person looking at this is a knitter. While we may enjoy the Leia pose, I want to see the detail of the piece. The one pattern in particular that struck me with this was the browncoat sweater. We are shown the back and the bottom edge. While I’m not ashamed of my backside, I’d like to see the sweater in the front to see if the style suits. I know how I’d like it to look, but if it’s boring, or has a weird collar, etc, I won’t be knitting it. Perhaps the front is the exact thing that will make me want to knit it. MOAR PICS!

This is sounding awfully negative, I know. There are good things in this book, never fear. The adaptations of the Jayne Cobb hat are wonderful (a scarf and socks are featured). There are a couple beautiful shrugs featured (even though I wouldn’t call them nerdy… ok I’ll let it go….), and if you are looking for something just that little bit different, this may be the book for you. Sadly, it’s not the book for me.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Knits For Nerds

  1. The Other Christine

    The obvious answer, after seeing your Horde Tabbard, is to make your own patterns, and then see what it would take to get it published.

      1. The Other Christine

        Heehee. And here I thought it was just because we’ve got the same name. lol

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