May WIPocalypse Update

It seems I’ve missed the May WIPocalypse post, again. Better late than never, I suppose. The good news is, I have actually stitched this month.


Guardian got a bit of love, and the castle is finally complete. I have started to move on to the tail.





It always amazes me, when I work on a TW piece, the ability Theresa has on her colour blends. It makes working on these pieces such a joy.




In other news, I wanted to share a fantastic piece of stitchery from my wonderful friend, Jenna. I jumped in on a challenge to do five Pay it Forward pieces for 2012, and here’s what she sent me.

Isn’t it amazing?! This is stitched all over one. I absolutely love it!

And for those people who have signed up for a PIF piece from me, I do have a couple done, waiting to be mailed out. It’s coming, I promise!


3 thoughts on “May WIPocalypse Update

  1. Needle Lady

    Your guardian is coming along nicely. I love the blended colors so much.
    And what a beautiful piece for a gift 🙂


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