FO: Eyelet Neck Scarf

Since I had some available knitting time this month I have been finishing projects. The eyelet neck scarf (Ravelry link) I started back in December has finally been completed.

This pattern was given recipe style; so instead of a fixed pattern, one is given motifs to use and put together. Not that there is a lot of motifs to use, really its stockinette with a row of lace.

I had some issues with it, mostly because I’m new to lace knitting. I found every time I did a lace motif, my count was off. Every. Time.

You can also tell, in the following photo, where exactly the yarn overs finally clicked for me.

I also thought working on this that I was knitting this from the center bottom up. It wasn’t until I was casting off that I realized this was knit from the center neck down.

The pattern recommended a garter tab start, which was interesting, and it wasn’t until just a couple of weeks ago I found a wonderful tutorial on how to do it correctly (because, after seeing the tutorial, I hadn’t done it right), that this type of start makes sense.

This piece was knit using one skein of Alpacaware Alpaca blend, and after blocking it still is a little on the scratchy side. It takes a moment after I put it on to get used to it and to filter that scratchy out, but it is still pretty squooshy feeling. And surprisingly very warm; perfect for these rainy days we are having where I refuse to turn the heat back on!

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