FO: April Socks

Another finish I had this month is my April socks. Yes, I know, I didn’t finish them in April but these things happen (I’m also behind on May – I haven’t even decided on those yet, so June isn’t looking well either).

The pattern, you may recall, is Frederika, (link to Ravelry) a freebie designed to point out that worsted weights didn’t have to be chunky and ugly. This one certainly is pretty.

And it was a trial for me to figure out. The entire main portion of the leg and heel is twisted stitches and twisted cables, something I hadn’t *consciously* figured out before. Not that they are particularly difficult, I just was not used to it. The other issue I had was it was almost entirely charted. I’m not (or, rather, wasn’t at the start of this project) comfortable with working from a chart, and this was a trial of fire.

There are quite a few mis-turned cables in these socks. Even so, they are hidden nicely so that my shoes at least will cover them. (Although they are pretty obvious in the first photo).

Good things, I learned how to pick up dropped stitches with this project because it happened A LOT. Now whether or not they were picked up correctly, I don’t know. But they were picked up.

I also really like the way the heel was worked. It was explained very clearly and actually sourced a short row technique from However, the explanation given by the designer was far better than the one from Knitty. I look forward to using that technique in the future.

I also decided, with this sock that I really dislike kitchener stitch. So I’ll be aiming for toe-up socks from now on (and I just learned a cast-on method for that the other day that works beautifully! But that is a blog post for another day).


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