FO: Pembroke Vest

I love the look of cables on a man, but knits are just not something my husband wears. And so, doomed to a life of sweater vests and cardigans, my son got his first vest made for him.

This is the Pembroke vest by Petit Purls. I knew I wanted to knit this as soon as I saw it, and cast it on within days of seeing it.

This is a very easy pattern to follow. Knit in worsted weight, it worked up very quickly (my excitement over the project helped as well). There was nothing tricky about this, it was just a joy to knit.

The only thing I dislike about this project is the center front collar. In the larger sizes it isn’t gathered in the center, making it pop out. If I were more experienced I would have caught it while working but as it is, I’ll have to make sure I adjust it next time.

It looks so sweet on my little boy, I (almost) can’t wait for autumn so he can wear it regularly.


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