Gadzooks! I have a blog!

I am so sorry for being a terrible blogger this summer. It seems the last three months have disappeared. I kept meaning to blog, to post all my yarn-y finishes, but tomorrow never seems to arrive.

Anyway. Let’s get down to it, and share some finishes!

I participated in Nerd Wars again this summer, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Really, nothing has motivated me more than this silly game. I have successfully “melted the cube” each month, meaning I have completed all six challenges presented, so I have several finishes to share.


First up is my Dragon trivet. I really enjoyed double knitting the reversible hat last year, and I couldn’t wait to try some double knitting again. Bring on the trivet.

It went fairly smoothly, a relatively quick knit (as fast as tangling two colours of yarn can be). The only problem I had was with the finishing. I clearly have no idea how to cast off a double knit project. Something to check into next time, I guess.








Next up are a pair of Mary Jane slippers I crocheted. I was desperate for a pair of slippers and this was a quick, easy project.








Next up is this cute pair of baby cowboy booties. This is a pattern I found archived, and it was an absolute pleasure to stitch up.





Then came some sock catch up. I needed to knit a pair of May socks, so I decided to cheat and knit some for my son. These are the Twisted toe up toddler socks (Ravelry link). I used the remaining yarn I had from my Klimt socks, and had just enough left. So now we can match. On our feet, at least.

So those are my June finishes. I have plenty to share for July and August, so stay tuned!


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