Wherein I try costuming

Since I’ve given you my yarny finishes for June, I thought I would share my other cool finish for the month.

My daughter came home from school near the end of the year and stated that she and her classmates were wanting to dress up on the last day, and that she’d love to go as Sailor Moon. We don’t actually watch that show in this house, it’s just not one that gets turned on; so I was a bit surprised by this request. Nonetheless, I went to my buddy Google and started researching.

I found a ton of websites that had purchasable patterns available, but I decided I wanted to try this one out completely on my own; I just needed a starting point.

I started off with a white shirt with the right kind of collar I was looking for. We needed a larger v-neck, and found a long sleeve one that was no longer being worn by anyone. I then pulled down my perfect blue-coloured bathroom curtains (and yes, after tossing them in the washing machine) followed by my scissors.

I made a quick balloon skirt, and made something that looks like a sailor collar. We found some fantastic almost plastic fabric to use for the red portions, and bows were created and leggings were made with snaps.

The hair was made with some yellow yarn I had laying about in my stash, attached to hair elastics. My daughter is naturally blonde so we simply did the meatball head thing and attached the elastics.

It did take some fighting with my poor sewing machine. You see, I don’t exactly have a top model machine (read: cheap) and I don’t exactly take primo care of it. This resulted in a lot of tangles and knots and frustration on my part. But I bullied through and managed to get the job done.

Now this costume is not couture finished, nor would I recommend it for daily wear. But it did suffice for the day. And I am quite proud of it.


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