July Finishes

July was a fairly busy month for me, especially on the yarn crafty front. I had several little things completed, and quite a few bigger things. Let’s get to it!

First up, I attempted some amigurumi with some unknown cotton. This is supposed to be a D20, but it’s … lacking. I’m not pleased with how this turned out at all.

It was a huge PIA to do, since I dislike both seaming and free-hand embroidery, and this pattern has loads of both. Perhaps the seaming is exactly where I went wrong on this piece, I think I should rather have made an edging that sticks out on the right side.

It is fairly large as far as dice go, and at least my son likes to roll it around the house. If you would like to make it yourself, you can find the pattern here. Perhaps you will do better than I did!

Next came a bunch of sock monkeys. I had a couple of orders for these, so I made some lovely little guys.

These were an absolute pleasure to make. Very simple, easy pattern, though I did change the ears. I found those to be just weird in the pattern. I added custom colours and think these guys are just lovely!


Sock monkeys in cognito



And of course I continued the sock monkey theme with a couple of hats! I made corresponding hats to the two monkeys from my own pattern.




Moving on from sock monkeys I made a couple of shawls. The first is Wingspan, made from some beautiful Wollmeise. This was such an easy pattern (Ravelry link), if you haven’t made one of these yet, you definitely should.


I did make one other shawl in July, but I can’t show you yet. It is a gift, you see. And if I ever get to a mailbox (ha!), the recipient may actually get it this year and I’ll be able to show you. Trust me though, it’s just lovely.


4 thoughts on “July Finishes

    1. Christine Post author

      If you aren’t on Ravelry, you should be! It’s totally free, and the resources are immeasurable. Seriously, no other website has improved my knitting & crochet this much. And it has a huge resource of patterns, both free and purchasable.

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