And so we move on to August

August was only slightly less busy than July, but it netted some bigger finishes. I joined the Ravellenic challenge, which was essentially just choosing a project to create during the Olympic games and posting it to the group on Ravelry.

For the games I decided it was high time I crocheted the Shaped Grey Cardigan from Patons, a pattern I’ve been considering for some time. Honestly, I thought the timeline of the Olympics was going to be an issue, since this is a jacket and these things don’t work up quickly.

Boy was I wrong. This thing crocheted up super fast. Like I was done in 5 days. And that was with long breaks.

Moreover, it stitched up exactly to gauge. Every measurement was exactly as the pattern said it would be.

The only issue at all I have with this jacket is the back is a bit wonky. I suspect that when I wear the appropriate clothing under it and get perhaps steam it down, it will even out, but if you plan on doing this piece yourself it is something to keep an eye out for.

Finishing this project super fast left me some time during the games to do a few other projects. I had a couple of custom orders that were fairly quick and cute.


The first was a photo prop baby hammock that worked up nicely. Wish Bear is here displaying it, and I’m certain an actual baby and the appropriate background will make it more attractive. But you get the idea.




Next up is a pink dragon hat, but then I think I’ve shared this before. This is such a fun project to do, I hope to do more.




Wish Bear got called in to model again (seriously, I should have stopped feeding my babies as infants so that they could model these things for me. KIDDING!!!). This time I crocheted a very sweet turtle hat and cape. The cool thing about this project is that the cape actually separates from the hat, making it quite functional. And very sweet!




I then finished up a couple of unfinished projects in my stash. First up was my socks I had designated to be my June socks. This is Sweetheart socks from Knitty.

These were pretty easy as well. They are toe up, with an after thought heel. This was my first after thought and I am not sure I like them. They look fantastic, and they fit nicely, I just don’t like doing them. The way it works is the sock is knit up in a tube, with a half row of waste yarn in place where the heel would go.


After you are finished the tube, you then go back and pick up the stitches from the waste yarn and knit the heel. I generally don’t like picking up stitches regardless. I’m learning I really just like toe up socks with heels knit as I go. Mostly because I dislike seaming and kitchener stitches, as well.

The pattern is very pretty, however, and I do recommend trying it out.


I then pulled out the last unfinished object in all of my yarny projects. A grocery bag I started years ago. This was a project I started to get rid of a stash of Phentex… something yarn. It feels almost like plastic, and I thought a bag would be a good choice for it. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

All of these were finished by the 18th of August, if you can believe it. I spent the next couple of weeks on another large project, which I will dedicate a whole post to. Until then!


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