FO: Milena

My big project over the last three months was Milena. This is a cardigan I had chosen as my Nerd Wars dissertation project, the challenge which asks you to choose a large project that would take about three months. Since this would be my very first “for me” sweater, and I’m very new to lace and sweaters in general, I thought this would be a good challenge.

Let’s chat about the pattern first. This is not meant for a beginner. If you have never knit a sweater before, and you are looking for adventure, you’ve found it!

There is no gauge recommendation nor is there a schematics of any kind. The sizing given is a European 34, which is a petite, but that is all we have to go on. I had hoped that with my loose knitting and by adding a couple of inches to the length and width that I might have it fit, but no such luck.

It does fit my nine year old daughter perfectly, though, and she loves it (and looks quite fetching in it, I think!)

Other issues exist in the pattern. I’m pretty sure this was written just as the designer’s personal notes, and the instructions for lace aren’t clear. It states a 10 stitch lace designation, but the lace pattern is only 4 stitches wide, resulting in two and a half repeats. Instead of this, I added a purl stitch on either side of the lace.

It may also be a translation issue (the original pattern is written in Polish, scroll down for the English translation), but when the designer says “knit”, I understand it to mean “stockinette stitch”; i.e. purl the appropriate stitches. This is the standard for the whole sweater.

Sleeves were a little bit of issue, again there was a 4 stitch rib that was uneven, resulting in an uneven rib. I ended up with a portion of 4 knit stitches in between a 2×2 rib. I recommend picking up an extra two stitches on the armholes to fix this issue; there certainly is room to do so.

Positives on this pattern: it is so pretty! And aside from the few issues I had with sizing and understanding the pattern, it worked up very quickly. An experienced knitter will have no problem with this pattern.

I learned so much from knitting this. I learned a TON about sizing, and now understand where to put my measurements in the pattern.

I’ve learned to FULLY READ THE PATTERN before beginning the project. Had I actually done so, I would likely have set this pattern aside for a later date.

I learned how to knit button holes!!

I learned how to properly pick up stitches, as there is no seaming on this sweater.

I learned I have no idea how to knit in the round a small number of stitches on a circular needle (my dpns saved the day on those sleeves!).

Finally, I learned that I really enjoy the process of sweaters like this. I am still considering re-knitting this one for myself, because I really really really want one, but I may have to do that far into the future.

And for those keeping track at home, I finished this 4 days before the dissertation deadline. 😀

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