American Sandwich Bread

I had hoped that I would share a fantastic photo with today’s post, but sadly that didn’t happen. I tried a new bread recipe, and I suppose the fact that I got only a cell phone photo before it disappeared is a good thing.

I have been on the hunt for a bread recipe that is similar to store bought, since that is what my husband and kids like. The American Sandwich Bread recipe is awfully close.

The instructions are simple, like most bread recipes. It does all the mixing in a mixer rather than hand kneading (not that I have found much difference and usually use the machine just to save my arm muscles). It does something I’ve never done with baking, which is to add a pan of water to the oven. I don’t know the logic behind that, I don’t see the steam making that much of a difference, but then I’ve never been schooled in the culinary arts.

I did use active yeast instead of instant, and so I had to adjust the instructions a bit for that. My yeast is at the last little bits of the jar so it didn’t rise as nicely as I would like.

I personally found the bread a little sweet. It calls for 3 tbsp of honey rather than using sugar which was interesting. I would like to try it with a little less, next time. It also uses scalding milk, which does make it (I find) a bit sweet.

It is a lovely consistency for sandwiches. My husband declared it would make a fantastic roast beef sandwich. I declare you should definitely give this recipe a try.


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