Nerd Wars Sign Ups!

I know I’ve discussed Nerd Wars on here before. Let’s face it, it’s been the one major motivator for my crafting for the last year. It’s done far more for my crafting than anything else, and I can’t say enough great things about it.

If you knit, spin, weave, or crochet, I urge you to check this game out. There is no minimum requirement. There is no pressure what so ever, just a group of people (over 2000 right now!) that get together and share projects that answer a challenge. It’s super fun, some times super funny, and all in honor of Nerd-dom.

You may be concerned about that “nerd-dom” phrase. I am sure you would find a team to your liking. We have teams ranging from Dr. Who fans to Bones fans. From comic book lovers to lovers of mythology. From Disney freaks to Firefly fanatics. If one of the 29 teams does not match with any of your interests, you can be a ninja warrior! A ninja warrior submits projects that can belong to any team.

If I’ve piqued your interest, check it out, here.

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