Dragonfly Wings

I realized in writing up my post the other day that I never did mention to you the shawl that I have started. As you may have guessed, I’ve signed up for yet another Nerd Wars tournament, and submitted a dissertation piece for it. That piece is a lace beaded shawl, Dragonfly Wings.

DSCF2532Let me tell you how this came to be. It was dark and dreary night. Why dreary? Well the server I play on in World of Warcraft was having a particularly bad night and was crashing for several hours, seriously disrupting game play. My back up is to browse Ravelry when I can’t play, and lo! and behold! it had crashed too! My favourite things had all been taken from me!

Thankfully, Nooch Fiber came to the rescue. Being avid Ravelry users themselves, they announced a sale until Ravelry came back online. Since I was frustrated that I couldn’t partake in my favourite things, I acted fast, and scooped up a deal on their Central Park Fingering in Roller Rink (shown in the photo above).

2013-01-28 12.30.05Of course the minute it arrived I had to feel the smooshy. This yarn is GORGEOUS. I went and selected a pattern I thought was appropriate to my skill level and immediately worked up a swatch.

The drape is fantastic, it’s beautifully soft, and it knits up like a dream. I cannot wait to finish this shawl.

I’m about 40 rows in, and although I’m still at the beginning, I’m totally in love. Every so often one can find me brushing the piece up against my cheek. Yep, I’m that knitter.


5 thoughts on “Dragonfly Wings

  1. chrisd

    My favorite yarn is the one that’s on clearance at Walmart. heh heh

    Seriously, though, that is gorgeous yarn. I would be terrified of ruining it! It’s so great to hear from you on Google. I’m slowly figuring it out!


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