The Guardian Progress Report

Yes, you read that right. I’ve been cross stitching.

2013-02-19 09.05.06I had been knitting on my Dragonfly shawl, when I suddenly realized I was very close to the half way point. Since it is a three month dissertation project, I decided to set it aside and work on something else.

My fingers have been having an urge to cross stitch for a little while, but I had wanted to complete some of my yarn projects first. My realization of my not having any other yarn projects on the go (there are several waiting to get started as soon as I get the yarn, hopefully this week) brought my stitching craving to the forefront.

So here is where my stitching was two days ago, and now. I hope to finish the page I’m working on today, and get that tail back stitched. I made a lot of progress yesterday, since it was yet another snow day here in constantly snowing land, where it is always snowing.


Where was I? Oh yes. Snow day. So the girls were home from school which meant Sean had others around to play with, not just Mommy. So I turned on some Star Trek: The Next Generation (thanks to Netflix it has been my most recent re-watch choice), and away I went.

2013-02-20 23.23.03Despite the constant thread changing (which I realize is part of why this piece is so lovely), this is an addictive stitch. It comes together so quickly, I just want to stitch more.

And today, I think I will!


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