Recipe: Bacon Broccoli Pesto

We eat an awful lot of pasta in this house, which is quite unseemly for an Irish family as my husband likes to remind me. However, it’s cheap and plentiful and we love it.

Well, most of us. The girls don’t like it as much as Scott and I do, and would like to see a bit more variety than the red sauces and cheese sauces we normally use. I’m pretty sure I could never tire of a good bolognese, but there are others in the family to consider.

So we’ve been trying out pesto, and I think last night I came up with the best combination ever. Because one of the deciding ingredients is bacon, and we all know how full of win that is.

DSCF2548So here’s what I used:

1 pkg bacon
2 cups mushrooms cut into large chunks
2 red onion, sliced into large slices
a fair amount of fresh broccoli (we love broccoli so I added quite a bit)
450g rotini (enough to make about 6 cups cooked. I did mention we love pasta?)
Pesto sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

Here’s what I did:

I cooked the pasta and broccoli separately. I almost always cook the broccoli separately since we are pretty picky about how we like it, and don’t prefer it mushy or burnt. So when its added to anything, I pre-cook it, then add it in at the end. (This includes stirfrys, etc.)

I cut the bacon into chunks, and set it to fry. Once it was almost done, I drained most of the fat, leaving a little bit so the rest didn’t stick to the pan. I added the mushrooms and onions, and fried it until the onions were sauteed the way we like it.

DSCF2549Once everything was cooked up, we just mixed it all together. That’s it. We used a jar of pre-made pesto, since it’s still the middle of winter here in Canada and I don’t have access to good fresh basil. Mix all the parts together, add your salt & pepper as you wish and voila. It is fabulous with a bit of parmesan as well.

This made enough for our family of five plus there are left overs for lunch today. Let me know what you think and what you would do differently!


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