FO: Dragonfly Wings

Wow it’s been a while, I apologize for the hold up. I was on Ravelry this morning doing some updates and realized it’s been 10 finishes since I last blogged. Ten. That’s quite a while.

So I thought I would share my most recent one first since I’m super excited about it, and I’ll post over the upcoming weeks about the other finishes.

Dragonfly shawlThe Dragonfly shawl is complete (Iink is to my Ravelry project page). I used Central Park Fingering in the colour Roller Rink by Nooch Fiber.

This was such a fantastic project, I cannot express how excited I am. I felt like dancing every time I picked up the needles to work on it, I was sad every time I had to put them down.

The pattern is SUPER easy, I love that the designer put the stitch count at the end of every row. Since my most used knitting tool is my crochet hook (to pick up my dropped stitches), this was invaluable.

DSCF2588This took me three months to complete, not because it wasn’t easy knitting, but because I paced myself to do it right. During this time, I’ve knit a few other things that showed exactly how badly I’ve been doing my increases. In fact, if you look at the center row of this shawl, my increases look more like yarn overs instead of M1L’s and M1R’s.

Dragonfly Wings

That’s not to say they were horrible enough to pull out, just that if you didn’t realize they weren’t supposed to be yarn overs, you do now.

Adding beads was far easier than I thought it should be. Not that I’m complaining, mind, but I had more trouble finding beads than I did actually putting them on. Thankfully my daughter has a nice collection of beads that she was willing to share with me, since our local stores were woefully lacking.

Dragonfly shawlThe yarn is delightfully squishy. It feels fantastic on the skin, and it is absolutely fantastic once it’s blocked.

If you are looking for a new project to cast on, and are thinking of lace, I highly recommend this one. Super fast, super easy, and super rewarding.


5 thoughts on “FO: Dragonfly Wings

  1. Heather

    I would like to know what slm means, it appears in row 2 and often thereafter but slm is not in the abbreviations! Help please?

      1. Heather

        Thank you Christine, Now have more questions 🙂 I decided to just read the pattern before starting and I cannot figure out some things and I really do know how to knit 🙂
        I have never used a stitch marker and have no idea how to find them and use them so any tips would be appreciated.
        Row 2 says k2,slm (which you said was slip marker, is that the same as stitch marker?) m1l, p to marker – but didn’t I just put the first slip marker in place? There isn’t one on row 1 so how can I knit to the marker? If you could walk me through the first 2 rows that wold be fantastic. Thank you in advance.

      2. Christine Post author

        A stitch marker can be anything that won’t slip off that marks your spot. O-rings, safety pins, even bits of yarn tied in a loop work. I like to use jump rings since they are unobtrusive and I can knit around them nicely.

        When you get to a part that has a slm, you slip the marker which you will have placed previously from the left hand needle onto the left.

        The first row, you will be knitting 2, placing your first marker (pm), follow along until you get to the next pm, place another marker (hence the pm), knit your center stitch (cs), place a 3rd marker, follow along to the next pm and place your 4th marker and finish the row.

        Each row following you will slip the marker as indicated when you come to it. The marker in these spots is to tell you when to stop and follow the next instruction. Make sure you follow closely, since there are times you make a new stitch before and after the placed marker.

        I hope this makes sense!

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