FO: Baby Diamonds Blanket

Baby diamonds blanketThis was a project I started in November, and took me a bit longer than I wanted to get it finished. I had intended this blanket to be finished before my nephew was born; and it was, by only a few days. The trick now was to get it out to him before he turned 20. Since making it to the post office seems to be an issue for me.

This pattern came from a stitch dictionary, The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet. Actually, it has a super long title, you’d think this was written in the Renaissance, but no. For brevity I’m shortening the title here. I’ve actually reviewed the book here.

Baby Diamonds blanketAnyway. This blanket uses a Tunisian Entrelac method, which is a very interesting technique. Once you get going, it is pretty brainless crochet, and if you are doing it correctly, there is not even any need to count as it seems to form itself. It makes for a nice substantial fabric, not too heavy, but not something light and breezy. It was enough that I thought adding a liner to the back might be too much for a baby.

Baby diamonds blanketIf I remember correctly (seriously, I need to at least draft these blog posts when I’m done with a project, or take better notes), I did more rows than the pattern called for just to make sure my own colour pattern matched. As a result, my border would not work out in the count it suggested so I created my own border. It’s pretty similar to the pattern, just a basic shell around the outside, ensuring a corner shell was applied in the right spot.

Photo courtesy of my sister

Photo courtesy of my sister

You will be happy to learn I did make it out to the post office before my nephew’s birthday, in fact he only received it a few months too late. Here he is enjoying his new blanket.

One other little thing to share, I try to get my photos with as much natural light as possible, so I propped this baby up in the window to get some good shots. When I was done, my son grabbed his doll blanket and put it in the window as well, so that I could take a picture of that, too.

2013-02-06 12.44.38


2 thoughts on “FO: Baby Diamonds Blanket

  1. chrisd

    You do beautiful work! I love the little hand clutching the blankie! And your son’s blanket is super awesome! (Please tell him one of your friends said so!)


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