FOs: Baby coccoons

I do a bit of custom orders for folks through my shop, and recently did some baby cocoons as photo props.

Mermaid tailThe first was a mermaid tail. This was a knit pattern from 4aSong on Etsy. This was a pretty easy and enjoyable knit. I like the effect the drawn forward yarn had on the tail to create a scale effect. The tail itself was pretty easy, and the whole thing knit up very quickly.

Mermaid tail

Aside from a small error in the pattern (line 103 should read as line 87), I had absolutely no issues with this pattern.

Special thanks to Pinkie Bear for modelling.

The next cocoon I worked up was not so lovely. I purchased this pattern, and quite frankly am irritated I spent the $3.50.

carrot cocoonIt is no secret I knit and crochet a lot of free patterns.  I’m fully aware that you get what you pay for and with free that is no exception.

Having purchased this pattern, I would have expected it to be at least better written than a free pattern. This read to me like it was someone’s notes after the fact and she forgot half of what she did. There were errors all over the place, no indication of colour changes in the hat, it was not clear at all what needed to be done with the top of the carrot. Double crochet rows were to be started with a single crochet, which of course doesn’t match the height at all and if I had started each row this way, each row would be horribly messy and lopsided.

In the end, I did it my way, and could have spent my money elsewhere. Quite frankly, it baffles me since this designer has 109 patterns up on Ravelry, many with a lot of loves to them. I honestly don’t think I’m expecting too much from an obviously experienced designer to have some clarity in her patterns.

Lesson learned, I guess. Not everything can be a rose every time.


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