FO: Flying Dutchman Socks

The second round of Sock Madness had us knitting intarsia, which is a method I have never tired before. It’s a method of colourwork that is worked back and forth by twisting the threads, instead of carrying your yarn like fair isle. It is a preferred method of colourwork if you have a motif to knit rather than an entire band of colour change.

2013-03-27 22.39.04These socks have alternating colour stripes, and the stripes reverse for a motif that shows a ship on the leg. These were absolutely brilliant. The result of switching out the striping colours is a slightly hidden motif. The socks were named the Flying Dutchman of course in reference to the famed ghost ship.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED knitting these socks. The instructions were very clear, the pattern easy to follow, and I absolutely love these socks.

I want to knit them again. One for every day of the week.

I was concerned when I was knitting the ship that I may have been pulling my threads too tightly as I’m a fairly tight knitter; but I needn’t have worried. It came out beautifully, and I found that I didn’t have the spacing that I saw other knitters have on the same sock.

These were knit with an alpaca blend for the purple, and Red Heart Stardust for the peach.  The alpaca is not the best for socks, I admit, but I hope that if I stick to the hand washing/air drying of them they will last a bit (and that will give me a chance to knit more!).

I also found I really really really wanted these to be a sweater vest. Maybe one day?

Needless to say, I loved these so much that they were knit up in no time at all, and I advanced to round three of Sock Madness without any issue.


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