FO: Greenhouse Socks

The next round of Sock Madness gave us a pattern called “Greenhouse socks”. I have no idea why they are called that. I’m sure there is a reason.

DSCF2580Anyway. The special thing about these socks is the foot. The leg is pretty standard, some diamond lace motifs that just fly by. The foot, however is something else entirely.

The sole of this sock is actually shaped like a foot. I neglected to take a photo of the sole, but if you look at the bottom of your foot, that’s what it looks like. It makes for a very interesting fit.

The toe section goes wide, and has an almost three-needle bind off, and is pretty crazy. But, if you have a wide foot like me, it gives the sock a SUPER comfortable fit.

There was a bit more confusion with this pattern than other patterns in the Sock Madness challenge. It was a bit unclear as to where to start the toe shaping and I felt that it could have been explained a bit better. It has you work one pattern on the sole, then another on the sides, then another on the top of the foot. At times, they do not work in tandem. For my own socks (and sanity) I fudged the numbers just a little once the diamond motifs were done to make the top and bottom of the foot work in together at the same point in the pattern.

You can see a bit of the foot shaping in this photo.

You can see a bit of the foot shaping in this photo.

As well, it assumes you know your own fit. I would not recommend this as a beginner sock knitter pattern, since if you follow it to the letter you will end up with a 16″ sock for a 9″ foot. You basically just stop knitting when you reach the desired length, and bind off; there is no indication of this in the pattern (that I saw).

This pair was knit in Nooch Fiber‘s Morningside Sock in the Cigar colourway. Let me wax poetic about this yarn for a moment.

It’s amazing. So very soft and squooshy, yet a substantial yarn. It has amazing definition, and was such a delight to work with. It practically begs to be a sweater. You know, if this indie dyer made sweater quantities of this yarn.

Close up of the bind off

Close up of the bind off

The only issue I had was it was only 400 yards per skein. That is not normally an issue, except it makes a bit smaller sock; and this was not the right pattern for that. Admittedly, I made a bit of a change by adding an extra repeat on the leg since I like a longer leg sock. You can see in the first photo the toes have a different colour to them. Had I not made the change there would have been enough yarn to finish the pattern as intended.

When it became apparent I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to finish the second sock, I took a chance in the Sock Madness race to pull out the toe on my first sock (which didn’t actually take a lot of self-convincing to do – it was an inch too long anyway), then I knit with the end of that yarn and pulled back to the same part on both socks. Then I knit both at the same time to have the same end point with the Nooch yarn. This left only 7 rows (plus bind off) on both socks that needed a different yarn.

All in all, I’m very happy with these socks. And my gamble paid off; I advanced to round 4!


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