FO: High Button Socks

I did it again, I walked away and left you all stranded. After seven years one would think I would have some sort of blogging schedule or something.

Anyway. Moving on. When we last left this intrepid explorer, I had progressed to round four of Sock Madness. Things were not getting a bit more difficult and faster moving. The next pattern we were issued was High Button Socks by Bridget Landry.

2013-05-16 11.50.43These are a toe up sock with a princess sole. Which, I learned, is the knit side is on the inside of the sock, the purls on the outside. This apparently makes for a softer foot, fit for a princess. It is very soft, but I suppose my calloused feet are too far gone to really notice a difference.

They have a nice Victorian-esque lace pattern on the front and leg, and yes, are knit flat on the leg portion and closed by 7 buttons on each side. They go a little higher than normal, which suits me just fine. (In the photo I’m wearing them on the wrong feet so you can see the buttons and allows me to photograph them myself.)

These are knit in Knit Picks Stroll Sapphire Heather, which turned out nicely for this pattern. I do want to update the buttons to a brass button, though, to keep up with a Victorian look.

The big thing I learned on this pair was that my laddering on double point needles with purls is HORRIBLE. I’m not a fan of socks on circular needles, but to avoid the laddering I was almost forced to use them. Which of course worked out fine on the leg portion.

This one caused a lot of issue with competitors because there are additional stitches on the leg that can be easily missed. If you decide to knit these yourself, and you should, make sure you are paying attention to the button hole increases.

I did finish on time, and progressed on to round five.


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