FO: Zip Socks

Round five of Sock Madness gave us a fantastic challenge: to knit a zipper right into our socks.

2013-06-03 16.51.24

Now I learned about including zippers by sewing them in. That’s what one does. I’ve learned to cheat without a zipper foot, and it’s not problem at all. To knit one in, however, is just magic.

There has been a lot of magic in this competition so far, but this was the first sock that I felt like super woman while knitting it. There is some very simple prep that is required before you knit in a zipper into your garment, but once that is done, it’s DEAD EASY. And I’m going to do it again, oh yes I am!

2013-05-29 23.14.27Essentially you crochet a chain onto the outside of your zipper, then pick up that chain as you come to it, knitting your way down the zipper (from the cuff). This of course means you are knitting flat, but I found it easier to keep my zippers closed and go back and forth pretending I was in the round.

These were knit in Knit Picks Aurora Heather. Super fun, a lot easier than it looks. Just trust the pattern and it all works out. There’s even a lovely cable on the opposite side of the zipper to keep you moving.

Of all of the socks I’ve knit for this competition, this one is probably my favourite. It’s not your standard sock, and most would likely feel the zipper is too much. But consider that the technique taught, and that this is a small project to get that feel for it; it makes much more sense.

2013-06-03 16.52.08

You can find the pattern here.

I also love wearing these. Besides the zipper, I had a big clue in on these socks. I’ve been measuring my feet wrong. Prior to this, my socks have been *just* that little bit too large. I took several re-measures and actually have an appropriate foot length, and these ones fit superbly. And so shall every sock from now on.


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