Finished objects in crochet

While I was busy in Sock Madness, I took the down time in between rounds and did a bit of crochet.

2013-05-03 11.44.49This Skull Shawl pattern was released in April and it was a sweeping success right away. I’m sure, like many crocheters, I saw this and needed to make one. I had some lovely hot pink yarn in my stash and away I went.

The pattern is really quite simple, although there are a few points here and there that translation is a little tricky. The pattern is really for the skull portion, and your sizing is really up to you. I had hoped I would have enough yarn to go for 6 repeats at the top, but turns out this project is a massive yarn eater.

2013-04-30 09.21.58I used not only the English translation provided on the blog, but also Google translate. I found that this cleared up a few trouble spots. Also, if you decide to make this yourself, I recommend making the eyes first so you aren’t constantly cutting and re-attaching your yarn.

As an interesting aside, this is my most viewed project on Ravelry.

Moving on, I’ve been wanting to work on my amigurumi skills. I have crocheted a few projects that do this, and I’m discovering that the larger the project, the better for me.

2013-05-10 10.51.20Amigurumi is the art of crocheting small figures, and really what I have done can’t honestly be described as such, with the exception of my first project, a mini mermaid (pattern link).

This poor girl is, well for lack of better descriptors, just sad. It was mentioned that a smaller gauge would probably improve her appearance (and maybe make her less zombie-like), and I agree. She stands just over three inches tall and despite her small size, it still doesn’t work. She looks to me a bit more evil than mermaids are reputed to be, and I wasn’t going for that. Maybe she would do well as a voodoo mermaid.

DSCF2601The next project I made was a bit bigger, and I’m much happier with. I’ve been catching up with the rest of the planet on episodes of Dr. Who (still watching, no spoilers, please!), and found a weeping angel pattern that is just delightful.

I would love to share the pattern with you, unfortunately, in the short time since crocheting this pattern and now, the blog that published it has been deleted.

She stands eight inches tall, and was very fast to crochet up. I would love to have a whole army of these, but then I would never be able to move and be forced to stare at them all day long.

(My daughter commented I should make one as a Christmas tree topper, to which I pointed out we couldn’t have blinking lights, then.)

DSCF2616My next project was also quite fun, a stuffed dragon. Again, the pattern no longer appears to be available on the website, so either my timing is incredible or I’m a ray of death on these patterns. No matter, it seemed I got this one in time, and worked him up fairly quickly.

I actually did two versions of this, for several reasons. The first, and based on the photo, the most obvious, is that my son couldn’t keep his hands off of the dragon, and rather quickly claimed him. Second, there were portions of the pattern I wasn’t happy with. His tummy looked thrown together, and his tail was just… wrong.

Dragon 2For my second version, I cleaned up his tummy and lengthened his tail, and added wings. Because dragons have wings.

He’s a bit taller still, standing 13.5 inches tall. Just the right size for little arms. And now, we have a Sean dragon and a Mommy dragon pair.

And what have I been doing with these? Playing, of course!

Bet you didn't know weeping angels are afraid of dragons.

Bet you didn’t know weeping angels are afraid of dragons.


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