FO: Slouchy Bubbles hat

In the beginning of April I began to change my routine, and started walking in the early morning. Since I live in Canada, there are times when our weather behaves exactly as those stereotypes say it does. It was cold and blustery well into May this year, and so I decided I needed a hat.

It’s no secret I love cables, so I wanted a cabled hat. I found the pattern Slouchy Bubbles, which is a free slouch toque. Since I frequently put my hair up, I wanted a hat that would hold it in and still cover my ears – a slouch is perfect for that.

2013-06-04 22.51.26There is a gauge to the pattern, but if you have followed this blog at all, you can probably guess quite correctly that I didn’t bother with it. I just grabbed a worsted and went to town.

It did knit up quite quickly, though for some reason I just could not wrap my brain around the stitch pattern. I can normally memorize a cable pattern rather quickly, but this one is a bit more involved and my pencil was a huge friend as I constantly marked where I was.

I found (likely since I didn’t swatch) that this was a very slouchy hat. The width is absolutely perfect, but there is a ton of fabric on the top and it was a bit more than what I was going for. So, I stopped at 2.5 repeats rather than the three called for.

2013-06-04 22.51.08There is a matching mittens pattern, and I think I have enough of this yarn left that I may knit the set. Of course, I managed to finish this hat in June, when I no longer need it for this year. So maybe I’ll just claim my intent was to knit it in time for next winter. You believe that, right?


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